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Why Subscription?

A subscription to AutoCAD LT® 2025 equips professionals with precision 2D drafting tools.

AutoCAD® LT 2025 Brochure

AutoCAD® 2025 vs AutoCAD® LT 2025 Comparison

AutoCAD® LT 2025 Enables:

  • 2D drafting, drawings, and documentation
  • Collaboration on the web and mobile to capture, share, and review ideas on the go

AutoCAD® LT 2025 Can:

  • 2025 Quickly search for and convert objects into instances of a block
  • Automatically place blocks based on where you’ve previously placed them
  • Utilize AutoLISP programs to automate repetitive tasks and enhance workflows
  • Create and edit 2D geometry
  • Annotate drawings with traces, text, dimensions, leaders & tables
  • Customize the ribbon and tool palettes
  • Attach and import data from PDF files
  • Share and use data from DGN files, Navisworks, Bing and Esri’s ArcGIS® Basemaps
  • Automate counting objects and blocks
  • Share drawings with colleagues directly from AutoCAD LT

AutoCAD® LT 2025 Includes:

  • AutoCAD on mobile
  • AutoCAD on the web

Subscription Benefits

Shared View
Use Shared Views to collaborate online with people you're working with. You can upload a shared view, which is a visual representation of your model or design, from within your Autodesk product. By sending a link to the shared view to your collaborators, they can view, and comment on, the shared view in Autodesk Viewer, without needing an Autodesk product.

Autodesk Drive
Autodesk Drive provides a secure location in the cloud for individuals and small teams to store, preview, and share model or design data. View data in Drive from any device with a browser.

AutoCAD Mobile App
The AutoCAD mobile app has core design and drafting tools. Work on your CAD drawings anytime, anywhere--even offline.

AutoCAD Web App
With the AutoCAD web app you can edit, create, and view CAD drawings in a web browser on any computer. Just sign in at https://web.autocad.com and get to work--no software installation required.

Push to Autodesk Docs
Use Push to Autodesk Docs to publish AutoCAD sheets to PDF and upload to a specific Autodesk Docs cloud project.

Trace provides a safe space to provide feedback to a drawing without altering the existing drawing. The analogy is of a virtual collaborative tracing paper that is laid over the drawing that allows collaborators to add markups and comments on the drawing.

With the launch of AutoCAD 2023, subscribers are able to create a trace from the AutoCAD desktop platform as well as contribute to traces created by others, further enhancing your ability to collaborate quickly and effectively.

Activity Insights
Activity Insights provides a view of the changes made to shared drawings and enables comparison of the differences between current and previous versions. Currently, AutoCAD LT displays only Version activity on the Activity Insights palette.